John and Mary Bailey of Colonial Maryland,

Their Descendants and Related Families


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1850c: Kitty Wheeler 1850c: Nimrod Bates Wheeler 1850c: Nimrod Bates Wheeler 1885c: Thomas Bluford Bailey 1887c.: Casper Thernes 1887c: Casper Thernes Profile 1887c: Pauline Wendt 1887c: Pauline Wendt 1887c: Pauline Wendt Profile
1889-Jun-13: Casper Thernes & Pauline Wendt Marriage 1889-Jun-13: Casper Thernes & Pauline Wendt Marriage 1890c: James Monroe Bailey 1892c: Ernest Bailey and Edward Bailey 1894c: Thernes Family 1898c: Thernes Family 1899: Mary A. Baily Grave Marker 1902c: William Henry Thompson & Josephine Rebecca Bailey Family 1910c: Casper, Pauline & Casper's Sister Thernes 1910c: Thernes Family & Casper's Sister
1911c: Ida Thernes Cowgirl 1912c: Carl & Ida Thernes 1912c: Ida Thernes on horse wagon 1914c: Ida Thernes and Friend 1915c: Edward Clark Bailey Oklahoma City, OK 1916c: Edward Bailey Elevator Repair Shop, Oklahoma City, OK 1917c: Ida Thernes 1918c: Josephine Bailey & William Henry Thompson 1918c: Josephine Rebecca Bailey 1918c: William Henry Thompson
1920: Edward Clark Bailey, Masons Lodge, Memphis TN 1921: Ida Bailey and Edward C. Bailey Jr 1922c: Ida Bailey Portrait 1925c: Amanda Salina Bailey Price 1925c: Catherine Thernes Schneider 1927: Edward Clark Bailey Profile 1927: Edward Clark, Edward Jr. and Gloria Bailey 1935c: Catherine Thernes Schneider 1937: Catherine Thernes Schneider Face Recognition 1948c: Maude, unknown, Edward, Ernest, Ouita Bailey
1950c: Gladys Bailey Murphey Maryland Map Seal 1751